Investigation Widens


By The Insufferable Dan Avery

The so-called watchdog group already under police investigation in Mission Viejo for sending threatening letters to Mayor Pro Tem Greg Raths has become the subject of a separate police investigation. During public comments at the meeting on Sept. 8, one of the group’s leaders, Larry Gilbert, was clearly upset with Mayor Pro Tem Raths’ description of the group. Then Gilbert did the inexplicable. He waved a city council draft agenda that is restricted to the Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem only. Two sources, one document, an amazing lack of ethics and professionalism.

But it wasn’t just some random draft agenda Gilbert was waving like a confederate flag at a Tea Party rally. It was the draft agenda that contained Mayor Pro Tem Raths’ motion to reorganize the city council. The proposed motion would have removed Cathy Schlicht from the position of Mayor; a first in the city’s history. What’s interesting is that Mayor Pro Tem Raths received the first of the threatening letters shortly after putting that item on the draft agenda, even though the draft agenda is restricted to the Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem only.

By the way, Mayor Pro Tem Raths received letters, emails, text messages, and phone calls from the so-called watchdogs that not only threatened him, but also his wife and daughters.

One does have to wonder what Gilbert was thinking by waving around a document he was never supposed to see and then turning it in after finishing his less than cogent remarks. I think it’s pretty clear Gilbert didn’t get the draft agenda from Mayor Pro Tem Raths. Which only leaves one other source.

BIG QUESTION: What the police are investigating is who took Gilbert’s copy of the draft agenda out of the city’s clerk’s paperwork after the council meeting.


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