MISSION VIEJO PIG… BIG BUCKS! – Mission Viejo High School Farmer’s Program


    Mo-Mo the giant pig was named by Mission Viejo High School junior Justin Norris. As part of the Mission Viejo High School’s Future Farmers of America program, Justin paid $500.00 for this baby pig. He will care for it, feed it, walk it, and then sell it for a profit at the Orange County Fair this summer.

    Mo-Mo is over 220 lbs. and is only seven months old. The buyer will be someone who will use Mo-Mo as food. The Mission Viejo Reporter asked Justin if it bothers him that someone will eat his beloved Mo-Mo. He said, “not at all, that’s what she’s for.” Justin explained that every part of Mo-Mo will be used, her belly for crispy bacon, her butt for a nice buttery ham, her head for a spicy soup, and even Mo-Mo’s ears for dog treats.

    Mission Viejo High School teacher Cherie Shook says the program is one of the few in the area. It teaches city kids how to be responsible for farm animals. At the Mission Viejo campus they have chickens, pigs, sheep and a few other interesting animals.
    One of the buyers each year at the fair is MVHS Music Director John Hannan, who has been licking his lips and has had his eye on Mo-Mo all year.
    The Mission Viejo Reporter asked Justin hypothetically if John Hannan were to buy Mo-Mo and ask Justin to eat some of the tasty bacon from Mo-Mo, would he eat it. Justin said, “Probably not.”IMG_2273


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