Mission Viejo’s Favorite Bartenders


    Be the one who organizes happy hour-

    After exhaustive research, the Mission Viejo Reporter has discovered that our town has some great restaurants, and with great restaurants come great bartenders. This issue pictures just a few of Mission Viejo’s finest bartenders.
    Everyone knows that relationships are the key to lifelong happiness, noting that the happiest people in Mission Viejo socialize about seven hours a day. Also, we’ll mention here that you’re two times more likely to be happy if you are married and three times more happy if you drink while you’re married. Also, with each new friend added, you’ll boost your happiness by 10 percent.
    Developing good relationships in the workplace is the biggest determinant of whether or not you’ll like your job. So, be proactive. The best way is to be the person who organizes Happy Hour. Invite a few friends out to one of Mission Viejo’s many Happy Hours available, and say hi to the bartender. Bartenders need love too.


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