Mission Viejo Secrets Exposed


Here are the five simple, but not easy, secrets:

School Resource Officers
Motor Officers
Neighborhood Watch
Parks & Recreation
Graffiti Removal

1. School Resource Officers – Mission Viejo has School Resource Officers that visit our schools. Their having a visible presence at school, deters students from negative behavior. It also encourages students to talk with the officers if they have a concern.

2. Motor Officers – Mission Viejo actively promotes safety on our roadways. The high visibility of motor officers slows down motorists.

3. Neighborhood Watch Program – Mission Viejo encourages its residents to form Neighborhood Watch groups. By working together with law enforcement, residents become involved with the safety of their city.

4. Parks & Recreation – Mission Viejo has 53 parks and trails, as well as 8 recreation and community center facilities. There is a multitude of outdoor activities for kids that promotes positive recreation – and deters negative recreation.

5. Graffiti Removal – Mission Viejo’s Graffiti Hotline number is (949) 460-2924. Within 24 hours of a tip, the city removes graffiti. By removing graffiti as quickly as possible, the city demonstrates graffiti vandalism will not be tolerated.


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