Mission Viejo Employee of the year


Saves the City Thousands

Senior Public Services Contract Administrator Chris Covelione is Mission Viejo 2014 Employee of the Year.

Nominated for the award by multiple coworkers, Chris has been working as a Senior Public Services Contract Administrator for the past 7 ½ years. In that role, he is responsible for contract administration and monitoring City contractors to ensure quality performance standards are achieved with HVAC, electrical repairs and retrofits. He provides daily inspection and maintenance service repairs to City equipment and infrastructure and conducts project research, among many other duties. Chris also helps the City with regular special event setups and event preparations.

Chris always goes the extra mile and will often perform electrical repairs himself rather than outsourcing those duties. By taking the initiative, Chris has saved the City thousands of dollars. In fact, in the last three years, he has saved the City $27,630 in contractor expenses by removing and installing more than 307 lighting ballasts within numerous City buildings. He has cut nearly $15,000 more in contractor expenses at the City Hall and the library replacing faulty hot-water heating valves and plumbing and electrical connections. Since he began his Mission Viejo post, Chris has saved the City’s General Fund about $192,630.

City Manager Dennis Wilberg praised Chris for his tireless efforts on behalf of the City.


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