Stand up and be heard in mission viejo



We need a President who will not be reduced to name calling just to get a laugh or to deflect a tough question. We have already endured this type of behavior the past few years with President Obama, and it needs to stop.

Even in our local politics, right here in Mission Viejo, it appears that people have used this tactic to go after someone just because they hold a different view on an issue. It appears it is easier to disparage someone then come up with concrete examples of wrong doings. What happened to the days of winning a discussion based on actual facts over falsehoods, allegations and scare tactics?

We need to demand that our politicians, on all levels, stop the games and get back to work. They need to be reminded that they answer to us, not a select few, and they need to be held accountable. If they don’t do their job, they can and will be replaced by someone who will take action and get the job done. We need to STAND UP and be heard and remind them that they work for us!


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